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The changes of cytokines levels in the progression of liver fibrosis caused by HDV-infection

Cirrhosis in the result of Chronic Hepatitis D (CHD) is the most well-known reason for liver transplantation in Kazakhstan. The CHD is an invulnerable intervened illness. The point of the investigation was to decide the job of cytokines in the movement of liver fibrosis in incessant hepatitis D. Strategy: An aggregate of 105 patients with CHD and cirrhosis brought about by HDV-disease were analyzed. We utilized ELISA tests and FibroScan 502. Results: The outcomes demonstrated the degree of cytokines increment of TNF-α (P=0.009), IL-10 (P=0.002), contingent upon the phase of fibrosis. TNF-α has a positive relationship with ALT (r=0.358, P<0.0001), AST (r=0.452, P<0.0001) and negative with creatinine (r=-0.396, P=0.002), urea (r=-0.280, P=0.019), platelets (r=-0.290, P=0.005) and leukocytes (r=-0.342, P=0.001). IL-10 has a positive relationship with ALT (r=0.256, P=0.004), AST (r=0.380, P<0.0001), bilirubin (r=0.194, P=0.037) and negative with egg whites (r=-0.586, P=0.005), creatinine (r=-0.389, P=0.003), urea (r=-0.267,P=0.026), platelets (r=-0.379, P<0.0001) and leukocytes (r=-0.382, P<0.0001). IL-17 has negative relationship with ALT and AST (r=-0.209, P=0.021 and r=-0.249, P=0.006). TGFβ1 has a positive relationship with ALT (r=0,263, P = 0,014), AST (r=0,263, P=0,004), egg whites (r=0,600, P=0,004), complete protein (r=0,296,P=0,027), TNF-α (r=0,897, P<0.0001), IL-10 (r = 0.665, P <0.0001) and negative with IL-17 (r=-0.677, P <0.0001) and creatinine (r=-0.354, P=0.014). End: CHD movement is related with the action of the TNF-α and IL-10, which have a negative relationship with IL-17 and positive with TGFβ1. The commencement of immune system irritation happens in the beginning phases fibrosis and in cirrhosis abatement of immune system aggravation happens.


Bibigul Ilyassova

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